When the Clock Strikes Twelve: The Causes of Wrinkles that No One Knows About – Part 2

Last time, I looked at the science behind wrinkle formation, and shared some of the little-known everyday habits that can cause wrinkles. Unfortunately, there are even more daily habits that can cause wrinkles without us even realising.

This week, I’m going to reveal more of the causes of wrinkles, and give you some expert tips to keep your skin smooth and youthful.

Head in your hands

Leaning your chin, cheek or forehead in your hands can cause the skin on your face to be pushed out of shape, putting strain on those all-important collagen proteins.

When sitting at a desk or a table, ensuring your posture is correct will lessen your desire to rest your head on your hand. I have been guilty of this in the past, but it’s important to change your habits to fend off the folds, so I’m making a conscious effort to improve my posture.

Eye Spy

Wear sunglasses. It doesn’t need to be a blazing summer’s day to cause a glare; in winter the sun is low in the sky, causing blinding reflections. Sometimes the sun is not even visible but the glare is fierce.

If you feel the need to squint, you should be wearing sunglasses. It will not only stop the cause of wrinkles through squinting and protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from UV damage, but will also protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays. It’s like applying an SPF to your eyes. 

Do you find yourself squinting to see clearly? Have you been putting off getting your eyes checked, or wearing the same prescription glasses for years? Book an opticians appointment to check the health of your eyes and your eyesight.

There’s The Rub

Just as sleeping on your side or repeated facial movements can cause wrinkles, rubbing your face or eyes too vigorously will strain against those collagen fibres and wear them down.

Rubbing our faces or eyes repeatedly when washing and cleansing, or out of tiredness or frustration causes added stress on the collagen. Eventually it might not bounce back fully.

When I remove my make-up, the mascara moves onto the skin under my eyes and I have to work harder to remove it than I’d like. Sometimes I still look like a panda the next morning! I was also becoming worried that I was doing long-term damage to the skin around my eyes! I was right. To combat this, I had even given up wearing make-up on a daily basis.

However, I have recently found a mascara that doesn’t act like the others; it tubes the lashes and doesn’t smudge or run and is simply removed with warm water. No more panda eyes for me, and I’m taking care of my skin too!

Take care when cleaning your face. Work gently, use a good make-up remover (a biphasic one with oil and water) and do not rub excessively.

Finally… the Selfie!

I believe we will stop calling fine lines around the lips ‘smoker’s lines’ and rename them ‘selfie lines’.

In this generation of social media, more and more people pose daily with a selfie pout.

Why is it that we choose to pout? Well, it makes our faces look slimmer as the cheeks are sucked in, the jaw slightly opened to lengthen the face. The lips are pushed out to make them appear


It is also said that it’s more alluring when looking into the camera. But I am sure you have seen some people just look ridiculous while putting on this pose, not to mention that they are strengthening the same muscles used for sucking through a straw and taking a drag of a cigarette.

Maybe you like the way you look when you pout for photos? A top tip is to keep this in your arsenal of poses, rather than using it for every picture. It will age you physically; when wrinkles start appearing as well as in time; when one day you look back on your photos and you can spot which era you were in (like when you see a photo is from the 80s by the clothes they are wearing).

How to avoid the folds

You now know the fixes to each problem above, and don’t forget to check out my previous blog post to find out why wrinkles occur. Changing a few simple habits can prevent those fine lines before they begin to show.

Although there is no miracle cure for aging skin, it is never too late to prevent new lines and wrinkles. The best way is to take care of your skin.

To put it simply, follow these four rules for the best anti-wrinkle results:






Protect your skin against sun exposure. Wear sunscreen every day. Make it a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. And don sunglasses that protect against UV rays and the furrows of squinting.

Protect against oxidative stress from pollution and UV rays with an antioxidant serum like vitamin C.

Protect your skin from dehydration by investing in a good quality moisturiser.


Prevent lines from becoming set in stone. Avoid pulling your face into exaggerated expressions, such as when drinking through a straw or pouting for a selfie. 

Quieten the action of strong muscles in the face with botulinum toxin. The aim of working with a sensitive, expert practitioner is not a frozen face but a smoothing and softening of the face. 

Avoid crease-causing habits by sleeping on your back and using silk pillows. Steer clear of rubbing your eyes and holding your face in your hands.


Make healthier lifestyle choices. You don’t need to swear off everything, but if you incorporate good choices your skin will thank you and you will look younger than you really are.

Incorporate more raw vegetables into each meal or snack for a boost of healthy nutrients. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Sugar and alcohol can accelerate aging, so indulge only in moderation.

Quit smoking and even vaping as both can make you look older from the influx of chemicals and the repeated puckering needed to take a drag.

Exercise, rest and reduce stress.


What is done is done, we can’t take it back. But we can help repair the damage. Choosing the right products for your skin can make a big difference. Include retinoids and a vitamin C serum into your skin care regime. Arrange a consultation with me at Fountain of Youth to help you understand what you need.

I can work with you to develop a bespoke program of targeted repairs that is unique to your needs. I use chemical peels, fillers and botulinum toxin to combat sun spots, deep wrinkles and sagging.

Take control of your skin

My expert tips should make you feel empowered to make the right choices for your skin and your lifestyle.

I know I am going to be amping up my daily skincare routine, make healthier choices and avoiding wrinkle-causing habits. What changes will you make? Leave a comment to let me know.

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