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How to look after your skin this summer

Summertime brings thoughts of beaches, holidays away, glowing sun-kissed skin and a cocktail in hand. But don’t let your summer fun ruin all you have worked towards. You have spent money and time to look your best and your skin routine is thorough, don’t undo all this effort for a few moments of fun.

I am not here to scare you with images of darkly tanned ladies and men that start to look like pieces of dried-out leather or those tomato red burns that make you cringe inside because you know how much pain they will be tomorrow. No this is all about helping you maintain and protect what you have.

Wear SPF. Everyday. From head to toe.

‘I want a nice tan’ I hear you say. I understand where you are coming from, I too used to strive for a nice tan. The things I have learnt from growing up in a hot country where the sun shines all year round, don’t try to get that tan in one day! Slow and steady wins the race. I know you can’t rely on the sunshine being around but trust the process. Wear SPF 30 or more all over. You will tan through this (plus it will be a deeper tan) and it will mean a more even tan. Rather than really brown shoulders and pale legs.

If you can apply a moisturiser and body lotion then why can’t you swap them out for an SPF of 30 or more? Make it part of your routine and reapply it when spending time in the sun. That way you will avoid burnt shoulders when you are unexpectedly getting some extra sun. There are some lovely hydrating SPFs for your face that can give you that understated makeup coverage or a dewy bronzed look.

Wear a hat!

Make a fashion statement and treat yourself to some nice hats to go with your summer dresses. A wide brim hat is a perfect addition to your outfit. How very sophisticated of you. Look at the royals (and celebs) for some inspiration. Don’t forget to take it with you wherever you go, there are some very handy clips to secure it to your tote/bag.

Don those sunglasses

Spare your eyes, and your frown lines and make your Botox last longer (if you get it done that is). When it is bright we squint to protect our eyes. Ongoing squinting means the muscles get stronger and the lines get deeper. The same muscles and lines that show we are angry or grumpy. If you weren’t getting Botox before you might need it as the lines start to make you look angry or grumpy when you aren’t.

Stay hydrated

After a day in the sun, your skin and body will be dehydrated. Sipping on cocktails may feel refreshing but alcohol further has a dehydrating effect. Keep that water bottle handy and topped up. Drinking at least 2litres of water.

The same applies to your skin, moisturise. At the end of the day, pamper and reward your skin with a lovely hydrating moisturiser/body lotion to put back what was sapped from the skin during the heat and sun exposure. Products that contain aloe and other soothing ingredients may help combat the inflammation caused by the sun and cool the skin down.

Mop up the damage by using anti-oxidants in your skin routines like topical Vitamin C and products containing resveratrol, chamomile, caffeine and knotgrass extract.

Take a break and seek shade during the peak hours

The peak hours from 11 am to 2 pm is definitely the time you want to seek shade. The difference between a perfect tan and a burn is a matter of minutes. And it is accumulative. Use a light fabric coverup. It’s both stylish and practical.

If you haven’t guessed, I would recommend staying clear of the sun as much as you can. It’s better to fake the tan rather than end up with the ageing and pigment changes that will come with time. You will wish you had protected your skin more.

There are also lovely products that provide the ultimate daily protection against pollution and UV skin damage by making a biomimetic shield for the skin. This is to be worn under your SPF, naturally.

Do you want to know how to take the best holiday photos? Well, the ideal selfie should be in muted light like shade or an overcast day. This avoids harsh light which enhances shadows on the face and you won’t be squinting into the sun when you take the photo.

Enjoy your summer without ruining your progress with your skincare and in-clinic treatments. You can still look fabulous while protecting yourself from the harsh sun. Protect, cover up and seek shade.

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