Spring skincare routine at Fountain of Youth Salisbury

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Switching up your skincare routine for the new season is not a trend or fad. It’s about understanding what your skin needs at different stages in life or in different seasons.

Spring is the season of renewal. It’s an important time to set some skincare goals for the year. The calendar year starts in January, the school year starts in September, but the skincare year starts in Spring. Spring is the start of warmer weather, but it’s still very unpredictable with ups and downs. And unpredictable weather means unpredictable skin.

Also, those suffering from Hayfever tend to have runny noses, red, and itchy skin.

The Ingredients That Help

  • Peptides calm and soothe stressed skin. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins.
  • SPF is a non-negotiable daily part of the routine. UV rays penetrate through clouds even on grey days.

Skincare Routine Swaps

Look for a lighter moisturizer as the air warms up. HydraLight is lovely and light while containing those soothing peptides as well as Matrixyl, which is an anti-aging ingredient.

Or, if you have particularly stressed skin (red and irritated), then look to Recoverybalm which forms part of the post-procedure pack from AlumierMD, but they have brought it out in a full-size moisturizer for these cases.

Goals Based

Are you looking to revive your dull skin after the winter? Then look at adding actives like Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) and retinol if they are not already part of your routine.

The Smooth and Hydrate kit might be the ideal freshen-up your routine needs. Give your skin that once or twice a week pamper with the Microderm polish to exfoliate, and then follow that up with the hydrating mask. The perfect glow-up for spring.

Finishing Off Your Morning Routine

Finishing off your morning routine with SPF is once again critical to protect your healthy-looking skin, and there are so many non-greasy, easy-wearing ones out there. The key is to find the right one. They can be dewy to give you that healthy hydrated look and can be tinted to give you a light makeup finish. Use Alumier’s color match tool to help you pick the right one.

If you need some help with your skincare goals for the year or switching up your skincare routine for the season, feel free to reach out to me.

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