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Chemical Peels in Salisbury

Chemical peels offer an exfoliating touch of renewal for your skin. Using acids like lactic acid and salicylic acid, these treatments gently lower the skin’s pH, loosening the bonds between dead skin cells. With two depth variations available, let’s explore the world of skin rejuvenation…

Chemical Peels in Salisbury at Fountain of Youth Salisbury

Radiant Peel

This superficial depth peel is perfect for first-timers. It’s an excellent choice for treating rosacea, acne, and overall skin improvements. Fully customisable with additional mini-treatments, it’s unlikely to lead to peeling, resulting in minimal downtime.

Glow Peel

This medium depth peel is best approached after experiencing the Radiant Peel. While you might experience some peeling between days 3-5, the benefits are extensive. You’ll enjoy improvements in texture, tone, signs of ageing, pigmentation and acne. It’s also a step toward building up your skin barrier.

Chemical Peel in Salisbury at Fountain of Youth Salisbury

An exfoliating treatment whereby acids are applied to the skin. Namely lactic acid and salicylic acid. This lowers the pH of the skin loosening the bonds between the dead skin cells.

  • Consultation and consenting
  • Photos taken
  • Cleanse
  • Application of customised masks/mini treatments 
  • Application of peel
  • Finish off with serums and moisturisers
  • Post procedure pack to take home

Immediate glow of the skin.

  • May feel dry/tight in days that follow – add more moisturiser 
  • Flaking/peeling between days 3-5 if sensitive skin or with glow peel. This is still manageable and doesn’t restrict going out.
  • After day 5 glowing healthy skin.
  • Skin needs to be protected from the sun for at least 14 days and sun ideally avoided all together.
  • Recommend repeat treatments to get the best results especially if treating a specific concern.

Mild tingling or feeling of heat. More intense with glow peel. Otherwise very enjoyable.

Unlikely with superficial (radiant) peel but if you have sensitive skin you may still peel. It’s more a dry flaking of the skin, like if you had a sunburn and had a bit of peeling after. Do not schedule any major events within 5 days of the peel, but otherwise this will not prevent you from leaving the house.

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Dr Roxi is incredibly thorough and professional. I have seen several practitioners over the years, and this is the first time I have had my facial measurements mapped out beforehand. As a previous salon owner in Salisbury City centre, who offered anti wrinkle injections, I can highly recommend Dr Roxi. She is amazing, and I would not go elsewhere!
Stephanie N
Nadine McCreadieNadine McCreadie
07:09 23 Feb 23
I love going to see Dr Roxi, I find she always listens to the issues you are having and find a way to help you with those concerns you may have. It’s always a calm and welcoming feel when I go see her and I always leave extremely happy with the outcome!
Becky EasonBecky Eason
13:44 22 Sep 22
Moving from London I was hesitant on finding somewhere new for my treatments. Not only is she exceptional (and honest) about the treatment she offers, she always puts me at ease. I enjoy visiting her both for a top up and a catch up, in a world where access to the treatments that Roxi offers is widely available, you do not get her combination of genuine friendliness and professionalism. That is rare and worth every penny.
20:50 10 Feb 22
I'd been considering anti wrinkle injections for some time but always felt a little nervous. Roxi listened to me and my concerns and I felt at ease from the off set. She answered any questions after treatment and I look forward to going back when needed. It is such a big decision when having treatment such as 'botox' and you want to use someone you trust and has experience, as well as gaining the results you desire, and Roxi provides all of this.
Gill WakefieldGill Wakefield
20:38 20 Jan 22
Met Dr Roxi for the first time today.Very lovely young lady with superb natural quiet approach.Dr Roxi was thorough with all information supplied.I felt very comfortable and confident with her and the treatments she suggested for me.
Maggie HMaggie H
16:49 18 Oct 21
Dr Roxi was extremely professional and reassuring from our pre-treatment chat throughout the treatment. I was worried about a reaction, but she checked with me throughout, which I also found to be reassuring, what stage / if any / my facial tingling was. Day 1 today, but all good and I like it very much that you get a 5-day care-pack of the products to ensure best results and that your skin gets the proper nourishment it needs after this treatment. Excellent. I'm going back for my next treatment. Thank you Roxi. M